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Alumnae Experience

Alumnae Experience

Delta Theta • Fall 2017

Since this will be my final newsletter as VPAR I just wanted to say thank you all for allowing me to serve you in this role. It has been one of the best experiences in Sigma Kappa I could ask for. Through this position, I have grown tremendously and become more of the woman I wanted to be.  I hope I have done everything I could for you and I am confident I am leaving you in very capable hands. I can't wait to join your ranks as an alumna myself in a few short months, come graduation; see you then!

Introducing the new member class! We are lucky enough to have gotten 39 (wow!) bright, shining, intelligent young women this recruitment. We have new initiates from all majors and backgrounds and we are so excited to welcome them with (dove) love into Sigma Kappa-Delta Theta. 

Alumnae Shirts!

This year, in conjunction with the Vice President of Finance and the President, we have started an Alumnae funded scholarship program to benefit our chapter. The money donated will fund 2-3 scholarships a year within our chapter. The recipients will be decided on a need-based merit and will be determined by our Advisory Board. We do not want any of our incredible sisters to feel as though Sigma Kappa is a financial burden and it is our hope to lighten some of that load with this scholarship. We are currently selling 'Sigma Kappa Alumnae' shirts for $15 to benefit the scholarship (pictured above). The shirts are on sale until November 20th. 

Here is the link:


The following was taken from a speech given at our Founder's Day celebration, by a graduating active. 
" If we all really think about it, to the Founder's Sigma Kappa probably meant an escape. They were only five women in a college full of men, that the need to have something from themselves was justifiable. It most likely though became a lot more to them then that. To them it became our values, a place of friendship, loyalty, service, and growth. It was what our colors meant, our flowers, and our creed. To me, that also represents our strength and our love." -- Dohen Gallagher, Fall '15


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