Chapter Philanthropy

Here in Kirksville, Sigma Kappa has found many opportunities to support and continue our philanthropic endeavors:

Each year The women of Sigma Kappa put on a variety of philanthropy events and fundraisers such as food delivery/campus food sales, a sports tournament usually with another sorority on campus and we even make sure to sell our famous “Sigma Kappacinos” at least a few times a semester! 

Sigma Kappa also participates in the walk to end Alzheimer’s every year! Our sisters work to raise for the Alzheimer’s Association through fundraising, social media and even working to make their own donations! This year we raised $5,000! Throughout the year we also hold a variety of events specific to Sigma Kappa Sorority. 

We co-host the Frats at Bat Softball Tournament with Alpha Gamma Delta, in which half of the funds are donated to the Sigma Kappa Foundation to be divided among the various philanthropies we sponsor, while the other half is sent to Alpha Gamma Delta’s philanthropy of choice. This year, Frats-at-Bat has become Cornhold for a Cause. 

We hold an annual dance at Manor Care, a nursing home in Kirksville, and have a program where sisters can Adopt-a-Grandparent to visit while at Truman. We also hold many fundraisers to benefit Alzheimer's disease research.

We participate in Inherit the Earth by holding a street clean up four times a semester along a street near our campus.

Typically in late April, we hold our Ultra Violet week that typically consists of a variety of fundraisers each day that go towards the Sigma Kappa Foundation. In November we also hold the Week of Giving to give back to those in our community and on our campus.


For more information about our philanthropies or to donate to any of these worthy causes,

contact Paige Sanders