None of Truman’s sororities have chapter houses, so in an effort to promote sisterhood, we choose alternative forms of housing. Sigma Kappas are privileged to live together in Brewer Hall for at least one year. They also have the option to live together in other dorms or houses after this obligation is met.

Brewer Hall

Brewer hall is part of the Blanton/Nason/Brewer dorm.  It houses only females.  Brewer is the only dorm on campus reserved for sorority members.  Each sorority is allotted a certain number of rooms in a section of the building.  The chapter room is also located in Brewer hall.  Many sisters opt to live there at least one semester.  We also just renovated our Chapter Room within Brewer, making it an even better place for us to hang out and bond with our sisters!


Visit Truman’s ResLife website to find out more about on-campus housing.

For more information about housing, contact Sarah Gill, slg41721@truman.edu