Parent FAQ


How does my daughter rush Sigma Kappa?

  • Your daughter will sign up through Truman for Panhellenic Recruitment at the beginning of the school year. They will go through rush and visit each sorority, there are six. From there, they will complete the process and if given a bid for Sigma Kappa, they will sign it and become a new member until Initiation. Legacies (sisters, daughters, granddaughters, and nieces) are given careful consideration for membership but are not guaranteed a bid. 

What are the time commitments for Sigma Kappas at Truman?

  • There are meetings every week on Sundays. There are also mandatory workshops for recruitment and ritual sporadically throughout the year as well as bigger time commitments for Recruitment week and Greek Week/Homecoming. On average, Sigma Kappas put in 2-4 hours in a normal week but you get out of the experience what you put in. 

Does Sigma Kappa haze?

  • Absolutely not. Sigma Kappa Nationals has a RESPΣΚT Campaign. Our chapter Delta Theta is 100% against hazing and participates in "These Hands Don't Haze" on Truman campus during Hazing Prevention Week. We would never be okay with degrading or making any sisters uncomfortable. 

Will my daughter perform well in college if she's in a sorority?

  • Yes! Sigma Kappa always pushes its members to do it's best academically, socially, and morally! We strive for personal growth and will always support sisters. Scholarship/Academic help is given to members that need it and we have many resources such as the Vice President of Scholarship to allow her to flourish. 

We would love to answer any more questions you may have for us! 

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